• Coffee & Chat  every Wednesday at 10:30 am.

  • Wednesday, 16th December. at 7.30 pm  - Prayer meeting followed ministry of God's Word by David Cartwright.

  • Sunday 20th December at 6:30 pm - Christmas Carol Service, with appropriate Bible readings and Carols, and a Christmas message from Ian Campbell (S. Shields).Hartlepol).   Do come along if you can.

'Coffee & Chat' - Every Wednesday at 10:30 am, including this Wednesday.  Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, 14th June at 7:30 pm, Prayer Meeting followed by open discussion on Hebrews 12:11-24.

Sunday, 18th June at 6:30 pm  - Gospel Service to be taken by Rutherford Rabey (Wylam).

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Lord's Table - Breaking of Bread

10:30 am

Gospel Service

6:30 pm


   Coffee & Chat - informal coffee morning

10:30 - 12:00 noon

Prayer / Bible Reading / Missionary Meetings - see "This Month"

7:30 pm



Missionary Prayer Requests

 Christian Treasure

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WELCOME! We promise that~ 

Thought for the Day!


When you come to visit we will greet you warmly. We have Bibles and Hymn Books available for visitors, so you can follow the Bible readings and join in the hymns.  If you are not familiar with the Bible we can give you help to find the place.

There is no power but of God: Rom 13:1.

We must remember that history is God's story. He reigns when the politicians we vote for get into office, and He reigns when those we oppose get elected. God is sovereign over the rulers of this world. God puts people in power. Every political leader is there by the will of God.

 Choice Gleanings Calendar

Our Daily Bread

Precious Seed

We sing several hymns during our services. On a Sunday morning when we remember the Lord we use both the "Believers Hymn Book" and "Hymns for Remembrance and Worship".

On a Sunday evening for our Gospel Service we use "Mission Praise" and  Sankey's  "Sacred Songs and Solos".

I am the Lord, I change not ...  Malachi 3:6.

We live in a world, which is subject to changes. Every moment changes are taking place. What we see now may quickly disappear. Those who are in high places today are unceremoniously removed from there tomorrow. But in this transitory world, there remains one thing immovable. That is the Holy Bible which we possess. But to our own shame and sorrow, there is almost everywhere an increasing tendency to belittle this priceless treasure.

Postal Bible School.

Children's Bible Stories

for different age groups.

We offer prayers to God in praise and for His guidance and care. We pray for God's comfort and healing of the sick, for spiritual enlightenment for those who are seeking forgiveness of their sins. We remember before the Lord those who travel, our nation's leaders, and we pray we can be pleasing to God.

Once a month the whole of the prayer time is dedicated to remembering before the throne of grace Missionaries working overseas and in Northern England.

And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven.

Luke 24:51.

Here was a parting which caused no pain. Their earlier sorrow has been swept away by the assurance of their Lord’s resurrection and exaltation (see John 16:6). Now, with worshipping and joyous hearts, they obey Him, returning to Jerusalem to await the Spirit’s coming. Are our lives likewise marked by worship, joy and obedience, as we anticipate His personal return for us?

Free computer software with different Bible versions, commentaries etc. Highly recommended.


We partake of the Lord's supper each Sunday morning remembering the Lord in the way He asked His disciples to do on the night He was betrayed. Only those who are truly Christian participate, the different brethren present offering remembrance hymns, appropriate Bible readings, and thanksgiving.

At this time we take up a weekly offering to meet the expenses of the local church, any surplus being passed onto Missionary work or to support local full-time workers.

The officers answered, Never man spoke like this man ... John 7:46.

He spoke and the storm was stilled (Mark 4:39). He spoke to thousands (Luke 9:14) and to one (John 4:7). He could speak to the dead (John 11:43) and they obeyed Him. He uttered words of warning to those who needed them and words of comfort too. Lives were changed after the Lord spoke to them. Indeed He had the words of eternal life and never man spoke like Him. May we too be receptive to His voice and obedient to His commands.

Over 6,000 hymns and spiritual songs from many denominations.

Hours of enjoyable music to listen to.   Searchable.

Cyber hymnal

Our Bible study is really based on the Bible! We seek to provide insight into God's Word, and we promise you will learn a lot. We're conscious that it is easy to be a listener to God's Word but the blessing comes by putting it into practice.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.    Jer. 17:7.

The bumper sticker read: "Know God – Know Hope. No God – No Hope". Exactly right! It is no accident that hope is closely linked to God. There is nothing vague in the Christian's hope—it is an anchor of the soul, sure and steadfast. To know God is to know hope, but without God, there is no hope.