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Civic Opening






APRIL 2015

Additions to the original monthly publication highlighted in yellow.


Ruth Hadley (Saurimo) would value prayer for wisdom and strength as she faces many challenges, and that she would be able to prioritise her very busy schedule. She has recently been preparing accommodation for mission families, along with teaching and overseeing several schools where overcrowding and children of extreme varied abilities, and the shortage of staff, has meant teaching more classes. Pray that the amalgamation of a government school with one of the schools Ruth oversees runs smoothly.

Brian & Debbie Howden return to Angola on Tuesday 21st April for a four week visit returning 22nd May. Prayer is requested for the following: 

For the process of renewing of Brian's residence permit, that it will be swift.

For safe travel on busy and poor Angolan roads between Luanda and Saurimo.

For needed help in the teaching and preaching of the Word at the 6am teaching meetings each week day.

For visitation work in the village of Camundambala in the evenings.

For wisdom in completing the next stage of underpinning the house and other practical work.

For the completion of the next stage in the building of the new hall, the installation of windows and doors.

For wisdom in the many conversations had daily.

For possible journey to the Congo to take 5000 Chokwe Bibles to Mary Ratter.

For good health.

For the Lord’s leading and blessing upon all that is done in His name.

Clark and Hazel Logan (Gaborone) would value prayer for the issues they are experiencing with water supply, the Gaborone dam is less than 4% capacity and on some days they are left with no water at all.




Colin & Christine Raggett (Palapye) report that they are expecting a visit from Dan & Gwen Gillies (Scotland) from the 24th March for a month. Dan will be busy most days, and through an interpreter will be either preaching the gospel or taking Bible study meetings. He will also be speaking at the Serowe Easter Conference.


Rachel Newby (Lubumbasi)– There are now 186 children at the School for deaf children which Rachel is involved with.  A second carpentry workshop is soon to be built. Prayer is asked that the work will be kept in a time frame (work will begin when the rainy season ends) and within budget. Pray also for Munda, a church secretary and brother of the head teacher at the school, who has been imprisoned for 5 months without charge. Pray that he will be released very soon as his health is deteriorating. In addition, pray for those who visit the local prison each month, for the singing group and speaker, that these visits will be encouraging, and that many of the prisoners will continue to respond positively to the Bible message.

Update: Give thanks that Munda, has been released. In addition, please pray for the prison ministry at Kasapa prison, led by Kyungu, and supported each month by different assemblies in Lubumbashi. Pray that aid will be available to support the increasing number of inmates. The churches contribute through practical gifts, food, and preaching at the services, where approximately 400 prisoners attend.


Mary Ratter (Katoka) writes that Gordon and Dorothy Stoves from the N.E. of England will be with us for 6 weeks, and then will have a week at Sakeji School having outreach meetings for the children there.

Please pray for them both for health and strength and particularly for Gordon’s schedule of meetings which the elders have planned. Pray too for Mutunda the translator that he will do a great job and the message will go out loud and clear.


Paul and Dorothy Grieve (Murchison) – Last year they were invited to publicise the Emmaus courses in the local prison. Since then a number of prisoners have been studying courses. Benedict Mbatha, a Zulu evangelist has been given permission to preach to the inmates weekly. Pray for Benedict as he commences this outreach after Easter, that through his ministry, and through the Emmaus courses, many would find freedom in Christ.


Steve and Gill Davies (Dar-es-Salaam) - The kids club activities at WWT continue to be well attended, the children singing choruses, learning Bible memory verses and listening to Bible stories. Pray for these children that the Lord will touch their hearts, and that they will grow to be faithful followers of Christ. 





Julie-Rachel Elwood (Chitokoloki) – A container from Northern Ireland full of supplies is stuck in the Copperbelt. A team are scheduled to begin construction on a men’s ward at Dipalata, and the building supplies required are in the container. Pray that a solution may be found soon so that the work can go ahead, and all supplies reach their destinations.



Ronnie and Anne Cairns (DPG 1960-2012 Japan) are in Japan until 28th April for meetings, ministry, teaching, evangelism and hospitality, visiting a number of assemblies in the Osaka area as well as further afield. Pray for safety in travel, good health and that they would be a blessing and encouragement to those they meet.




Jeff and Denise Watson (Foz) ask prayer for DL, a contact who has cancer. She has been to various assembly meetings, enjoys attending, and has recently requested a Bible. She has been admitted to hospital to receive treatment and Denise plans to visit her there. Pray that Denise will be given the words and wisdom to help DL understand the message of salvation. R
ecently her youngest son was taken into police custody.


Dick and Irene Robertson.  Once again special meetings are planned for the Easter weekend. An Argentine missionary brother has been invited for the weekend so we are looking forward to a time of blessing. This brother works in the mountain area between Argentine and Bolivia further north from where we used to help out each year with the camps. Apart from working in the town where the assembly is situated, he travels into isolated areas reaching the people with the Gospel. His "pick up" is usually in for repair by the end of each journey, as there are no roads. We are looking forward to hearing about his travels and escapes in that rough area.



Peter Smith reports that Elaine’s ankle is now fully healed but she has been suffering from a virus giving her a severe cough, requiring antibiotics etc. They are preparing for the Brandon Winter fair (30th March -4th April). This year they have doubled the size of the booth to allow a display of more Bibles, children’s and reference books and DVD’s. They also want to encourage more parents to use daily reading books with their families and get quality literature into their hands to stimulate a fresh interest in the truths of the Scriptures. A team of 19-20 saints from eight assemblies will be doing various shifts at the booth The main banner reads ‘The Lord is RISEN’ with a couple of interesting posters on this theme. Please pray once again for divine appointments.

On Easter Sunday Peter is sharing a new Sunday outreach near Winkler using a community hall. Peter preaches the Gospel, and another brother is teaching the believers various Gospel truths.

Eglon and Judith Harris
(Orizaba)(senior workers) ask prayer for the young people's camp to be held 6-11 April. Pray that this will be viable as if they do not get over 100 campers it is very likely to be the last camp to be held at Valsequillo, and another facility like it, will be difficult to find. The theme is: 'Be alert, watch and pray', thinking of the need to be prepared for the coming of the Lord. Pray for Eglon as he will be responsible for the messages given.

Peter and Anne Grover (Lima) - From 2nd - 5th April they will be taking part in team evangelism in Puerto Pizarro and would appreciate prayer (I don’t know if this is going ahead or not – see comment below).

Richard and Pam Harknett (Trujillo) & Peter and Anne Grover (Lima) - A number of short term missions which were planned for Easter have been cancelled due to landslides, heavy flooding and the threat of dengue fever carried by mosquitos, in areas close to Lima. Pray for all those suffering from the landslides (many remain without clean water and food supplies) and for those giving aid in the affected areas.  


Colin and Elida Stephen (Shkoder) ask prayer for a women’s conference to be held at the end of April. They are expecting over 100 women to attend Shkoder hall from all over Albania. Pray for Claudia Pignatelli from Italy who will be the speaker, and pray that it will be a time of good fellowship, that the women will be challenged, and continue to use their gifts in serving within their local churches and towns.


Martin and Margaret Baker (senior workers) would value prayer for their visit to Slovakia from 1-9 April, for the Easter assembly Conference in Bratislava from 3-5 April and for ministry in the local assembly on 1 and 8 April. 




Ruth Cushing –Pray that Ruth will be able to share the message of Christ with the contacts she regularly visits, and that as Easter draws near she would have opportunities to share about the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. In addition, please continue to pray for the women’s weekly coffee mornings. Recently they were able to watch the ‘Jesus’ film and have a discussion afterwards.

Ruth is planning to visit Pakistan imminently and would like to fly to Multan next week. She is hoping to accompany Sadaf (the daughter of Yunis Lal Din) and her two young children, one of whom is only a few weeks old. Please pray for all the arrangements that need to be made in a short period of time e.g. a new passport for the baby; the issue of visas and the booking of suitable flights. In addition, please remember Yunis who is unwell at this time.


Graham and Alison Black (Bouc bel Air) would value prayer for the three who attend the Christianity Explored Bible group regularly, that they would continue to show an interest in spiritual matters. In addition, pray for those who have enrolled on the correspondence Bible courses recently, which have been encouraging with over thirty having enrolled in March.


Allan and Anne Kitt (Le Havre)- Allan would value prayer as he has been invited to take part in an evangelistic Bible study for university students to be held on 21st April. The group consists of international students who hold regular Bible studies in English, several of those attending being non-Christian students.


Andy and Ruth Hamilton (Rome) - The English conversation classes have been running every Friday night since the end of January and have been going well. As a way of further getting to know the students, and practise English, Andy has organised a trip to Ireland in May. Pray that this time with the twelve adult students will provide opportunities for meaningful conversations, relationships to develop, and also provide an opportunity for them to attend a church on the Sunday.



Margaret Hewitt (DPG 1973-2004) gives thanks that more children have been attending the Sunday school. Pray that this would continue.



Tim and Elena Glasscock (Salamanca) will be attending the Project Ephesus missions trip to Croatia from 1-5 April with several students.

Ken and Alison Barrett (Madrid) would value prayer for the ongoing projects with which they are involved. The Kofi Jaus (coffee house) continues to open its doors to young people who 'hang around' the district. Pray that there will be a breakthrough leading to the youth entering the coffee house, and that the planned Youth Alpha course will be able to take place in the near future. Pray for the Rahab outreach (for prostitutes), and for a new venture involving the setting up a Christian organization offering crisis pregnancy counselling for women, especially those in prison. Pray that through these ministries many would find healing, a change of lifestyle, and hope in the knowledge of Christ.

Ken and Alison Barrett - Alison will be attending a Child Evangelism Fellowship training session in Madrid on 25th April, with other Sunday school teachers. Please pray for an increase in teachers and an ability to link children from non-church families into evangelistic activities - especially the Evangelical Olympics due to be staged in Madrid on the 9th May.



Emmaus Bible School are holding their Annual Conference from the 13th to the 15th April (D.V.), and are expecting a number of reports from around the UK and overseas. There will also be Bible teaching from Stephen Clegg, Wesley Downs, and Peter Andrews. Please pray that the Lord will bless what they seek to achieve for Him.

Peter and Riitta Hedley – Peter would value prayer as he prepares for another trip to Albania on 20th April. Please pray for safety in travel, spiritual freshness and that his visit would be a blessing and encouragement to those he meets.