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Civic Opening





7th Sept. Updates to the original Prayer Newsletter are highlighted in yellow.

14th Sept. Updates to the original Prayer Newsletter are highlighted in blue

21st Sept. Updates are highlighted in pink.

28th Sept. Updates are highlighted in green.



Brian & Debbie Howden report that the 6.00 am meetings at Camundambala went well, but they perceive that some specific needs exist in the assembly. Brian is arranging to have some Bible studies specifically for a number of the older men in the assembly, three of whom are elders.




Mary Ratter (Katoka) will be travelling to Lubumbashi on 21st September, please pray that the Lord will take her there safely. She will be chaperoning a young couple as far as Mutshatsha, who need to travel all the way to Lusaka to receive surgery for their baby, please pray for this young couple in this enormous task.



Dr Peter and Ruth Coates (DPG Dem. Rep. of Congo 1959/53-00) – One of the teachers at Kasaji Bible School recently went to be with the Lord and will be greatly missed by the organisation. At the funeral, his relatives caused a lot of trouble, threatening to burn down the church and not allowing the elders to lead the service. Pray for everyone affected by this situation and that the Lord will bring peace in the lives of these people.


Robert and Sheena Revie (DPG Ethiopia 1969-79) – Please pray for the ongoing translation and editing work in Ethiopia. Robert and Sheena are hoping to have eight Postal Sunday School/BES books printed as soon as possible, which will be a great help to the children in Ethiopia. Pray that the Lord will continue to give them strength and encouragement in this ministry.



During August, Stephen Harper with a team of young folk, were involved in distributing 15,000 Seed Sower packages in Malawi. Not yet had an update, but please remember in prayer this literature distribution.

Michael and Janet Stafford (DPG Malawi 1963/68-81) will return to Malawi on 18th September to help those affected by flooding and to help in a number of other ministries. Pray for them during this busy period, for safety in travel and that the Lord will be with them in the challenges they face. Michael and Janet plan to return to the UK on 31st October.


Paul and Dorothy Grieve (Murchison) would value prayer for the postal situation in South Africa, as a number of the outlets have closed down and this could greatly affect the Emmaus work if the Post Office were to shut down entirely. Please pray that the Lord will overrule in this situation.

Rodney and Joy Brown (Cape Town) – Please pray for Rodney who will be travelling to Windhoek, Namibia on 7th September, where he will join with another worker for gospel preaching. He plans to return to South Africa on 17th September. Pray that the Lord will be with him throughout this visit and that it will be a fruitful time of sharing the gospel in this area.



Steve & Gill Davies (Dar-es-Sallam) ask us to remember in prayer the Children’s Work in which they are engaged at the Day Care Centre at Kinzudi, and also the Kid’s Clubs on a Thursday and Friday evenings. They have 50 children (aged 4-6) in their care, and teach them to read, write, sing Christian songs, and learn verses of Scripture and Biblical stories.

They are also seeking to look after widows in the Assembly fellowship, periodically supplying food, firewood, and medical help. In addition they would ask prayer for Aziza, a Muslim lady who is in desperate need, physically, financially, and of salvation.


William and Eunice Rea (Moshi) will be spending a period of three months in the UK commencing 10th October. Pray for safety in travel and that the Lord will use their time on furlough as a period of encouragement and blessing.

Hilary Millard (Chingola) is currently in the UK visiting her great niece, who at the age of 16, has only been given a few weeks to live due to terminal cancer. Please pray for both Hilary and her great niece in this situation, and that the Lord will bring some light out of such distress. Pray that He will comfort Hilary during this difficult time and for safety of travel as she returns on Zambia on 1st September.

Please continue to pray for Hilary’s great niece who is in hospital and is breathing with the aid of oxygen. Pray that God will work in this situation and that her great niece will know His peace.


Barry & Rachel Haigh (Nyangombe) report that they have been summoned to court on the 7th September in connection with ownership of the Nyangombe property and land. It is two years since the last session. Please remember the situation in prayer.

Rachel is preparing hard for the children’s camp 26-30 September. They have been told to expect up to a thousand children which has made their hearts sink and are hoping there may be less. It is held in the bush and the children sleep in grass shelters. Very dangerous in the dry season due to fires. So please do pray.

Barry and Rachel Haigh (DPG Zambia 1966/77-06) would like to thank those who prayed for the court case due to take place last Monday. Barry and Rachel arrived at the court safely after facing a difficult nine hour journey but the accusing party did not turn up. Barry and Rachel do not know what will happen next, and would value prayer for the Lord to work in this situation and for there to be a positive outcome.


Ian and Anita Elliott – Please pray for their ongoing visa situation. An appeal is scheduled for 21 September and all of the paperwork has now been submitted. Please remember Ian, Anita and the family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time and for the Lord to work in this situation and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion.

 Liz Greig (formerly Pakistan)

I am in regular contact with friends in Pakistan through phone calls, email and skype.  Please pray for the situation at the Women’s Christian Hospital in Multan.  They are in urgent need of senior and experienced medical staff, and also of a Director, who according to the latest mandate from the government, must have a medical background.  Humanly speaking this is almost impossible, and so we can only wait on the Lord to provide.  This is the hot humid season when life is difficult anyway, so these extra burdens on people can feel particularly heavy.  Other Christian hospitals up and down the country face similar needs.  It is good to know that increasing numbers of young Pakistani Christians are now going through university and training as doctors and lawyers etc., but they are still young and lack the necessary experience for some of these higher posts.


Heber and Fiona Gallitto (Parana) would appreciate prayer for an outreach that will take place in José Hernandez from 11th-13th September. A team will be distributing literature in the town and events for families have been arranged, including a football tournament for children and the painting of the sports centre.

Mark and Carol Lacey would value prayer for their return to the Bahamas on 4th September; please pray that the Lord will keep them safe on their journey and that He will give them the strength needed for the heavy workload they face upon their return.




Jeff and Denise Watson (Foz do Iguacu) - Please pray for a new Bible study course that has been produced for young converts. Please also continue to pray for the men's study group, the sisters' meeting which is held every other week, and contact with those in the Arab community.


Peter and Anne Grover will be returning to Lima on 24th September. Peter is preparing to teach several courses on the Bible over the next six months. They will also be involved in a mission workers’ retreat taking place from 6-9th October; Peter will be helping in the organisation of the event. Please remember them in all these responsibilities and pray that the Lord will return them to Lima safely.



Peter and Ritta Hedley would value prayer for the assembly in Vlore; they are currently seeking to sell the assembly building, in the hope of finding a larger venue. Please pray for all those involved in this endeavour and for the Lord to provide an appropriate venue for His people.

Malcolm and Hannah Coombes (Senior Workers) have had encouraging experiences at the open air market in Orange, with a number of people being willing to speak about spiritual matters. Please continue to pray for them in this work and through their literature distribution, that lives will be touched by the gospel. They will be there again (D.V.) on the 10th September.

Mike and Alison Packer (Laval) – Please pray for the situation regarding their church move as they currently do not know where the church will be able to meet from October onwards. Pray for the assembly during this time and that the believers will not be discouraged from attending the meetings.

Mike and Alison Packer would value prayer for their local church, which is now in the process of moving. A new building has been acquired and a team from the church are helping to transport everything to the new location. Pray for all involved in this process and that the Lord will bless the church in this new location.

David and Brigette Sutherland (Lyon) David will be speaking at a camp from 5th-12th September. The camp will be based in Saint Lunaire, Brittany, and will be for those aged over 60. Please pray for him in this ministry and for those who attend to be brought closer to the Lord.

Graham and Alison Black (Bouc Bel Air) would value prayer for a family service that will take place at their assembly on 13th September. Please pray for all the families who attend, that they will be challenged by what they hear in the service and know their need for a Saviour.


Andy and Gillian Shanks (Newcastle West) restart their weekly Children’s Club on 15th September and would value prayer. They would also ask us to pray for Ashley and Carmel, who are mother and daughter, and first came to a special outreach a couple of months ago. Ashley is 25 years of age and Gillian has offered to do a Study with her. Please pray Ashley will have the desire to start this.

They would ask us to pray for a house-move for themselves. As the outreach work with the Agricultural shows continues to grow, so does the need for storage of associated materials and equipment. They would like to move somewhere which would provide sufficient space outside to have a shed suitable for the much needed storage.

They would value prayer for a visit to the National Ploughing Championships, which will run from 22nd-24th September. Over 250,000 people are expected to attend. Please pray for this opportunity to share the gospel, and that a number of fruitful conversations will be had during the event. Particularly Andy  asks prayer for:

  1. Safety in travel over the three days as many believers will be travelling to and from the event to help. 

  2. Since they plan to distribute pre-filled John 3 bags, that they would also engage in many fruitful conversations.

  3. That as a result of sowing the seed souls would be saved by grace. 

  4. That as a team of believers they would know the Lord's strength and help as they labour together in the gospel. 

They will be staying in the Faith Mission Centre in Durrow and ask that we remember in prayer Mervyn and Rachel and Gertrude as they provide meals and accommodation for them. 


Noel and Liza McMeekin (Drum) would value prayer for a busy month ahead, where they will be distributing gospel literature to every home in Cootehill and involved in a Bible Exhibition for young people. In addition, they will be involved in a number of prize-giving’s and regular assembly activities. Please remember Noel and Liza in your prayers during this busy time, and pray for Noel as he travels to England and Scotland to share reports and Bible teaching.

David and Kay Stevens (Dublin) – David has recently started his Radium treatment and is required to attend hospital daily from Monday to Friday, for the next seven weeks. Pray for David during this treatment process and that he will make a full recovery.

Margaret Hewitt (DPG Norway 1973-2004) has recently returned to Norway after visiting Northern Ireland, please pray that she will settle back into life and her responsibilities in Porsgrunn, Norway. Please continue to pray for her two sons, who experience difficult health problems. 

Nat and Jennifer Rodgers (Skien) would value prayer for a number of planned meetings that will take place in the coming months. They will first be travelling near to Kirstiansand, where Nat will be giving a message on the Lord’s return; pray that this will be an encouragement to all who attend the meeting. In addition, please pray for Nat as he will then travel to Ukraine, along with a group of Norwegian workers, to provide relief aid to those in need.

Ken and Alison Barrett (Madrid) – Please remember Ken’s sketch board street ministry, which has recently faced police objection and is deemed to be an obstruction. Pray for Ken in this ministry and that the Lord will allow it to continue despite opposition. Ken and Alison would value prayer for a visit to Murcia for Bible teaching as well as representing the work of the Madrid Bible Teaching Centre. In addition, please pray for blessing on the congregation in the Vista Alegre zone and the full time workers there, Aurelio Esquembri and his wife Nani. 

Ken and Alison Barrett would value prayer for Kofi Jaus (Coffee House). There has been a drop in attendance over the summer but they hope more people will be encouraged to come back now that the summer is drawing to a close.


Benji Daniel mentions that the situation in Nepal is looking bleak due to the recent floods in the mountain villages. A huge retaining wall is required to protect Pulbari village where a number of Christians reside. Pray that those who live there will acquire the support necessary for this protection, and pray that the Lord will keep His hand on His people during this ongoing distress.

Benji is currently in Nadrala village (Fiji) and would value prayer, as the church has recently faced difficulties and the believers need encouragement in the Lord. Benji has seen four Hindus come to know the Lord during this time and they have joined the local assembly. Continue to pray for him in this ministry and that he will be given the strength to continue in his responsibilities.

Please continue to pray for the believers that Benji met with in Fiji, and for safety of travel as he will be returning home on 24th September. Benji and Gill plan to travel to India and Nepal in the near future, please pray for the preparation required for this visit and for all the activities they have planned in this area.

Paul and Angela Hannay would value prayer for two Brass Tacks projects that will be taking place in the near future. They first plan to do some work at “The Mill” for Wesley Downs of Renewal Northwest. Following this. on the 22nd September, they plan to go to Angers, France, where they will help with the construction of a new church building. Please pray that the Lord will be with them in both of these projects and that they will receive His strength for what lies ahead.

Alan and Sheila Park would value prayer for the Brass Tacks team who have recently arrived in Angers, France, to convert a ground floor apartment block into a church meeting place. Please pray that the Lord will keep all of the workers safe and that the finished result will be a blessing to all the believers who attend the church.